Four “Parents”

December 6, 2007

What a lucky little girl.  Now we have been reveling in the fun of your earliest steps.  When J & P were your size, it was the lure of “Mommy” and my outstretched arms that evoked the most steps from each new walker.  Now, with Daddy staying home with you most days and a “little big brother” (xiao ge – 10yo) and a “big big brother” (da ge – 12yo), we set you in the middle of us all, and you triumphantly step and fall into the loving embrace of each of your most trusted “adults” in turn.  What a delight to watch your brothers’ pride in your awesome feats.


Even Sweeter the Third Time

December 6, 2007

As usual, I arrived home yesterday after my day at Salmon Bay, gathered my armload of belongings from the front car seat, and made my way to the back door.  As I put my key into the lock on the door, I knew what I was setting into motion.  Each day, you’ve come to know that in the afternoon, the sound of the bolt moving aside means, “Mama’s home!” Whatever you’re doing stops.  My first glimpse of you at that moment always melts me with the purest joy.  From the middle of the kitchen floor, you move toward me with frantic, breakneck speed using the special crawl you’ve perfected.    Left leg tucked under, hands spread wide – here she comes!    Yesterday was the same.  You pulled yourself over the pile of sandwich bags, containers and kitchen tools you’d spread all around.   But this time, you stopped.  Still outside the reach of my outstretched arms, you sat back, smoothly pulled yourself up onto your feet and rocked gingerly until you settled into balance.  A small smile lifted the corners of your mouth as you raised your shoulders and moved so perfectly each of your legs in turn.  You walked to me!