Four “Parents”

December 6, 2007

What a lucky little girl.  Now we have been reveling in the fun of your earliest steps.  When J & P were your size, it was the lure of “Mommy” and my outstretched arms that evoked the most steps from each new walker.  Now, with Daddy staying home with you most days and a “little big brother” (xiao ge – 10yo) and a “big big brother” (da ge – 12yo), we set you in the middle of us all, and you triumphantly step and fall into the loving embrace of each of your most trusted “adults” in turn.  What a delight to watch your brothers’ pride in your awesome feats.


Intersection of 12 & 9 months

November 20, 2007

Friday evening after nursing our 9-month old daughter and lovingly lowering her into her crib at the precisely 7pm she goes to sleep each day, I grabbed the car keys and a jacket to go (late) to pick up our 12yo son and his friends, stop quickly for burritos, and chauffeur them to the school dance.  With a car full of soccer cleats, socks, shorts, water bottles and sweatshirts, I returned home to enjoy dinner with my husband, our 10-year old and also the first hour and a half of a great movie.  At 9:45, I returned to the school dance site and brought a carload of boys to various homes, returning to our own with three for a sleepover.

By 9 in the morning, as the boys surfaced from their basement slumber, the baby had already been up, dandy, fed, played with, and was moving toward being ready to nap.  The boys’ delight in interacting with her and laughing at the “kiddie hip hop” we play for her was wonderful.  This girl will grow up quite differently from her brothers.

Please share your stories of parenting a variety of ages under one roof!